Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grand Designs Live highlights: Pilotis

Judging from the feedback we've received and seen on the interwebs, one of the most popular attractions of Grand Designs Live this weekend was Gaukroger's Pilotis which closely resembles their Forest School (pictured above). Among those who were impressed was the marvellous Patient Gardener (also on Twitter) who had this to say:
It was very compact inside with a small double bedroom, shower room, small kitchen and living area but would be ideal for teenage son in need of his own space and then later to either rent out as a self catering unit or to convert to a glorious garden office. I think the design works very well from the outside; I could imagine it sitting above a large swath of ferns and hostas. I am also a sucker for the wood palings on the outside – as is my son.
What were your highlights of the show?
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1 comment:

  1. thanks for the inclusion. My son loved the building, even took photos of the sloping skirting board (has to slope due to curved wall)