Thursday, October 14, 2010

z10: a solar power plant garden office

We've featured Energy Space before (and indeed they appear in the Shedworking book as well as here) but according to their MD Aaron Priestman they're taking their commitment to eco-friendly shedworking even further. Here's what he told us:
"Readers of Shedworking have probably heard of the Feed In Tarrif, introduced in the UK by Labour this April, whereby a solar PV array owner will receive up to 45p per unit of electricity generated, whether it gets used up or not.

"We have designed a new range, the Z10, which aims to be a solar power-plant in the back garden, a rooftop of PV delivering over 2.5KW of clean electricity to the garden room, or used back in the house, and earning up to £1K p/a tax free (for 25 years) with the Feed In Tariff."
More details at the Energy Space site which has now undergone a makeover with links to their Twitter and Flickr pages, a new product selector and a description of the returns on investment you can expect with their Z range (pictured above is a z model belonging to a shedworking reflexologist in Somerset with silver-coloured faded cedar cladding).
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