Monday, October 04, 2010

Phone book shed

A remarkable shedlike structure from Richard Kroeker Design, a shed built from unwanted phone books with help from students at the Dalhousie University Department of Architecture. Here's what Richard says about the build:
The books form a ready made, insulated building module held in place with sheet metal angles normally used as drywall bead material. Once tensioned, the phone books form a stable wall into which additional layers can be easily screwed. The roof joists are also made of laminated phone books. The finished structure becomes a kind of time capsule, recording the names and numbers of community members.
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  1. Dare I say but I think I've just found a purpose for my Thomson Local Directory.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of phone books. I love the idea but where to source the books is one thing.

  3. The walls interestingly accompany old buzz books calm to accord a different shape. The structural beams that authority up the roof are fabricated from laminated buzz books.

  4. Hahaha, people just can't accept the facts, that you can type anything on Google and get updated results instantly, instead of looking up stuff in a huge book. They keep creating extra waste every year that nobody is using. At the gate of our apartment block there's constantly a pile of unsolicited phone books, which is removed only when the next pile is distributed. I don't know why I still bother recycling, when such things are allowed to happen. This is so discouraging.