Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Five reasons why children need sheds

Shedworking is a great believer in the maxim that 'children need sheds'. Here are our five key reasons why your child should shed up:

1. It's a place to play – Playhouses are a great way to keep children entertained, giving them responsibility and a place to call their own

2. It's a place to sleep – Children love to camp out and have sleepovers, so why go through the trouble of setting up a tent when they can have a sleepover in their shed? A decent design is a great place to sleep and you can install heaters and lights.

3. It's a place to store stuff – Sheds are a great place to store not only toys but also their first tools and gardening materials

4. It's a place to host parties – Whether you’re inviting the whole family over or simply a few of their friends, the children are going to need a place to play. A child's shed is a great way to give them this, a safe and enjoyable playing environment as well as a place to sit down and eat.

5. It's a place to shelter – When the wintery months get too much and the garden becomes a cold and sometimes unwelcoming environment,  a child's shed can be a great place to find shelter in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Any other suggestions?
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