Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dahl's Shed: the media U-turn

While the world's media was quick to jump to (the wrong) conclusions about how the renovation of Roald Dahl's shed was to be funded, it has been rather slower to apologise for getting it all horribly wrong. However, there have been a few examples of positive coverage for the plans. Here's Tony Parsons for example in the Daily Mirror:
"A £500,000 bill to preserve the shed where Roald Dahl wrote all those classic books? A bargain. About half the cost of just one of the countless Tomahawk missiles we have been throwing around in Libya. I don’t know what all the whining is about. Better to preserve one great man’s shed than blow up the sheds of many."
Meanwhile, in the Daily Telegraph, Philip Hensher wrote a long and interesting piece looking at the subject of writers' sheds and writing habitats. Here's a snippet:
"A visit to a great writer’s habitat will demonstrate, like nothing else, a creative mind turned inside out, the preoccupations and obsessions turned into tchotchkes littering up a desk. Half a million to preserve something of such fascination seems like small change."
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