Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exclusive: special garden office for Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Kent-based garden designer Jo Thompson has been making a real name for herself at recent Chelsea Flower Shows, winning Gold medals and the Best Urban Garden in 2010. Next year, she will have her first really big Show Garden - and it's featuring a garden office.

Her sponsors are The Caravan Club (who were kind enough to give the Shedworking book a very positive review) and the garden will be called "Celebration of Caravanning". "I've designed a staycation garden," Jo told Shedworking exclusively, "with a 1950s Fisher Caravan which can be used as an office, a shelter, an extra room - however the garden user wishes." Pictured above and below is an example of the model, 'Doris' from Vintage Vacations (available for hire, sleeps two).

We'll be following the garden's journey from drawing board to finished thing of beauty on site over the coming months with Jo so do look out for updates.

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  1. That reminds me of a 'cocktail cabana' I saw in a garden in Seattle recently :)

  2. Caravans - I LOVE them - desperate for one of my own for home office

  3. Very exciting! Our office is a shed-up-a-cliff :-) Good luck Jo !