Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is there a market for shedworking in the USA?

It's a question we've talked about on Shedworking before as have other experts so we were particularly intrigued to hear about the experience of the New Forest Hut Company which has just exported one of its shepherds' huts to San Francisco.

The hust was picked up from their yard by a haulage company, loaded into a container and shipped to San Francisco, unloaded from the container, onto a truck and delivered to the beautiful Mill Valley home of their clients. Here's what they say:
"When the Shepherds Hut arrived it was in perfect condition (just needed a quick dust). Our clients were absolutely thrilled, all the neighbours came out to see this quaint 'English Hut on wheels' and although our clients had hardly ever spoken to their neighbours they threw an impromptu drinks party that evening to mark the New Forest Shepherds Hut’s arrival.

"Wheeling it into place took some effort as the house was, like so many homes in that area built on a hill. When in place the view from the open Stable door was of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, the view from side window was of the red wood trees in the hills – absolutely stunning!"
Apparently the weather was unseasonably hot but the new owners "were keen for the mist to roll in so that the temperature would drop and they could light the wood burning stove."
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