Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beaufort Scale for shedworkers

It will not have escaped your notice that it has been a bit windy out there this last week. So friend of Shedworking cartoonist Colin Shelbourn has kindly put together a marvellous and comprehensive Beaufort Scale for shedworkers who can now officially monitor the weather from their garden office. Without further ado, here it is:

Beaufort Scale for Shedworkers

1. CALM - shedworkers feel invigorated

2. LIGHT AIR - froth blows off coffee on walk back from house

3. LIGHT BREEZE - shedworkers close windows and turn on heater

4. GENTLE BREEZE - leaves blow past the window

5. MODERATE BREEZE - garden furniture tips over

6. FRESH BREEZE - cat blows past the window

7. STRONG BREEZE - difficulty opening shed door to go for lunch

8. MODERATE GALE - gardener blows past the window

9. FRESH GALE - walls shake and Shedworking book falls off bookcase

10. STRONG GALE - loud crash from outside, broadband terminates abruptly

11. STORM - sedum roof suddenly migrates to far end of the garden

12. HURRICANE - garden office becomes airborne
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  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    LOL, very enjoyable!

    I often work on a sun-lounger in the garden (sitting with a laptop works really well on one, even when there's no sun)... and have something similar, only it involves levels of disruption to my hair

  2. Waddy4:47 PM

    The cartoon of the lady with the tea is just so true, I did this only yesterday. Got the office kettle back in use now!