Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Urban Nomad 2.0

UN v2.0 is a fascinating project by Alex Farmer who is building a shedlike structure (perfect for shedworking as the pictures above indicate) along the lines of the 1960s and 1970s Urban Nomad movement which was particularly interested in microarchitecture. Here's what Alex says:
Having studied this subject for a few years now, one can only speculate so much. Reading can only get you so far, before you have to take another step and actually try it. So thats what I'm doing. Using the instructions written by Isaacs in 'How To Build Your Own Living Structures', I have created a replica of this 50 year old design, and plan to live in it, in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland, for one year. In doing so I hope to gain more insight into Isaacs design, and also into the movement as a whole.
He moves into the marvellous structure in September but in the meantime follow him at his blog where there are lots more photos.
Via Treehugger

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