Monday, July 19, 2010

Garden cinema studio

This is the fabulous garden office in London owned by artist Jaspar Joseph-Lester and his film editor wife film partner Mopsa Wolff designed by Latis (and featured over the weekend in the Guardian). The studio has an internal projection wall and external cinema screen as well as a nice shedworking space. Here's how Latis describe it:
It achieves this by adopting a half basement as its principal level and a mezzanine floor as its secondary space. Set at the end of the garden, the building has one window which forms a dialogue across the garden with the main living space of the artist’s house. At night time this window transforms into a reverse projection cinema screen for private viewings in the garden.
There are so few mezzanine level garden offices that it's interestint to hear Jaspar's thoughts from the Guardian article on how he uses it:
"You can never be sure how you're going to use a building until you move in, and I'd imagined I'd use the upper floor for thinking and designing, and the ground floor for making things. But I enjoy the ground floor more, so that's where I spend most of my time. And although the building was deliberately designed without phone or internet access, they've somehow made their way in."

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