Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blueprint Home Offices: a wide range of shedworkers

If you still need convincing about the range of jobs which you can do in a garden office, Sussex-based Blueprint Home Offices has an impressive list of satisfied shedworkers which is well worth a browse. These include writer Vitali Vitaliev; Su Jones (who works with three other people in her garden office); Philip and Sarah who run a recruitment business, based in London; Kirsten Dhar, who has a medical clinic in the garden of her north west London home; Mike Kyne (whose garden office is pictured above), owner of a Medical Import and Distribution Company; Michael Cox, who runs a speciality spectacle lenses business; and Colin Russell, a lawyer working in the local community in Surrey. And here's what Vitaliev says about shedworking:
You know what's the most difficult thing about being a writer? It is getting up every morning, trudging to your desk and forcing yourself to write (all writers hate the process of putting words to paper). With the garden office, however, I don't have to force myself any longer. On the contrary, I look forward to getting there and writing. Quite unbelievable. In a way, you've helped me overcome one of the main obstacles in my work for which I am eternally grateful.

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