Tuesday, July 06, 2010

National Shed Week charity auction: bid now!

This year's very deserving charity for National Shed Week is Bletchley Park and NSW organiser Uncle Wilco has set up a great charity auction on Ebay to help raise funds to restore their sheds (Hut 6 was last year's Hut of the Year category winner). Go here for full details and how to bid but among the items you can bid for are:
* An internal door handle, pictured above, from the famous and inspiration Hut 6 from Bletchley Park (current top bid is £170)

* A signed Safety Hat from Shed of the year Judge Sarah Beeny (also a copy of Sarah’s dating book)

* Signed copy of Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution book by me

* Men & Sheds, the classic book signed by author and sheddie sage Gordon Thorburn

* Three copies (2 blu-ray, 1 DVD) of the best film of 2009 MOON which are signed by the wonderful director Duncan Jones

The bidding ends Thursday so get your shedskates on.
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