Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Life Center

Free Life Center at Gallery Hijinks from Gallery Hijinks on Vimeo.

The Free Life Center is a handmade shedlike touring art installation by Seth Neefus and Mark Warren Jacques. Built out of reclaimed and salvaged materials, the tour runs from Vancouver to LA and at each stop Seth and Mark showcase their own work and curate performances of music, dance, skateboard jams and general artistic endeavour. Here's what they say:
Within the building viewers are encouraged to explore every nook and cranny; finding that each element (painting, drawing, video projection, sound, performance) has been considered as a part of the construction and experience in whole. From the structure itself, to the art, inspiration, and experimental bliss of their newest project, Mark and Seth hope to spread ideas that inspire a more healthy, happy, and creative free life.
The structure is 10ft X 15ft X 10ft with a 25 person capacity but because it's modular it can also be shrunk to 5ft X 7ft. They also have a rather natty ezine here and future tour dates here.

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