Monday, July 12, 2010

Micro-garden Office and EIFS

The Micro-garden Office offers an intriguing approach to garden offices as owner Norman Davison explains:
As far as I know we are alone in providing External insulated, finished SIPS (or EIFS as they are sometimes called) for non industrial buildings. The outer skin of the SIP is polymermodified Cement-reinforced with fiberglass/supported on a substrate of 50mm Jablite EPS/ bonded to a timber frame. I have been developing these EIFS over the last six years and try to ensue that all my panels come in below 25kg in weight to ensure that they are 'man portable'.

From a heat hold up perspective, external insulation works much more effectively than internal insulation. It is not a totally original idea. The external insulation of old concrete buildings started in Poland and the former DDR where old cold concrete monoliths were coated with foam sheets then gunited.
Lots more photos and details about how it all works at the main site here and those interested in the technical process should nip along to Norman's site Sipecto Structulates.

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