Saturday, July 10, 2010

Father and son shedworking

A niece article in the Guardian by Rebecca Tyrrel about her shedworking husband Matthew Norman and why her 13-year-old son Louis chose a shed to mark his entry into teenagerdom. Here's a snippet:
Louis's shed, however, and his father's could hardly be more different. Where Louis's is a Morris Minor, being tiny and purely functional, his father's is a Bentley convertible. Technically, it's true, the entire roof doesn't come off (although there is a skylight). Yet it is a powerful and well-equipped machine, electrified and connected to the main water supply. It houses not only a flat-screen television, DVD player, reclining leather armchair, capacious bookshelves and an L-shaped execu-desk, but also a loo and what an estate agent might call a bijou kitchenette.

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  1. What happened to the shed where Rebecca used to hang out with George Sanders? Enquiring minds want to know!