Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From pigeon loft to garden office

Bryan Lowe in Seattle, Washington, is a shedworker with a difference as he explains below:
My shed started life as a pigeon loft, a place to hold my two dozen or so homing pigeons. I love birds, but don't like caging them up. Having homing pigeons seemed the perfect solution, as you can let them go every day, and they return because they want to! Sadly, a creature of some sort got in and killed them all, so it sat, used only as a tool shed, for a couple of years.

But now my fancy turns to writing, and the loft has become a perfect place to write without distraction. Soon the bare walls, once suitable for pigeons but rather drab for writing, will be replaced by wainscoting, drywall, and paint. At this point I write my two websites there, MachNoneFlying.com and Shantyboatliving.com. Soon I hope to write a book on the shantyboat lifestyle and the loft will be the perfect place!

The loft/shed iis 6 feet deep and 9 feet long, small as both a pigeon loft and as a writers shed, but it will do the job. I envision a cozy place, perhaps even with a small boaters gas "fireplace". It sits in my small backyard on the outskirts of Seattle, certainly one of the smallest lots on my street. A cozy shed in a rather cozy yard.

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  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    One idea I have tried in my shed is wainscoting. There are tons of wainscoting ideas out there especially for something outdoor or more rugged such as a shed. It's worth a look at anyway.