Friday, September 17, 2010

Lidget Concrete Garages

Lidget Concrete Garages are probably, and unsurprisingly, best known for their concrete garages but if you're after a garden office or workshop shed which is not made of timber or metal, then they have some options which are well worth considering. The range, which uses uPVC, includes pent and apex roofs, various window and door combinations, as well as brick and stone effect finishes: pictured above is the Windsor garden building with optional georgian steel personnel door and uPVC opening window. And as they say: "A simple wipe clean is all that is required to keep your building looking as new."

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  1. Those sheds are really cute. Colorful and yet very sturdy houses are love by westerners. Thanks for sharing this new type of sheds.
    concrete perth

  2. Those sheds are much better to look at than the average ones. I think I'll go ahead and have the one in my backyard redone like the first one.

  3. Being diplomatic is/was never my strong point, so I will try and be honest with out being rude. I think they are hideous. Our gardens should be an extension of our home, and adding more concret, when there is so much already everywhere, kind of destroys the notion that our garden is a place of calmness and beauty. Not concret and noise.
    Maybe I am wrong, but these structures remind me of years gone by, when Anderson shelters were the rage!
    Making our domain enjoyable with materials that calm us.. to me.. is so very important.
    And concret no mater how you dress it, does not feel inviting.
    One great point about concret, it is quite water proof!

  4. I think the Hanson Concrete Garages are better...

  5. Concrete Garages are popular in the UK, i think Lidget were the leaders but Hanson really are taking over.

  6. Those are good looking, we don't have those in Canada, Concrete garages are common but those kinds of design for sheds are not common and they will be very expensive here too