Sunday, September 19, 2010

Washington Post highlights the delights of garden offices

An excellent article in the Washington Post by Adam Higgins (Outer Sanctum: Why we love to step outside the box to think inside the shed) takes a long look at the growth in shedworking and talks to Uncle Wilco from Shedblog about the delights of the shed. Here's an excerpt:
"In Northwest Washington, the novelist and journalist Christopher Buckley works in a writing shed converted from a one-car garage that is just big enough, he figures, to accommodate a Model T Ford. His father, William F. Buckley Jr., "was fond of a Spanish word, querencia," he said. "It's a bullfighting term, the part of the ring where the bull feels safe. It also denotes a loved space. So, it's my querencia."

"Perched in a corner of his garden, at the end of a lane, the shed was rundown when Buckley came to it in the early 1990s. He renovated it after giving up his home office to his growing family. He had the floor tiled, basic heating and air conditioning installed, and a porthole window added. Nowadays, he could return to the house, but the shed offers that vital psychological separation. It is quiet and breezy. Jake, the Labrador, lies across the threshold while the writer teases words from the keyboard. A desk fountain adds soothing white noise."
There's also a nice gallery of photos to enjoy.


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