Monday, September 06, 2010

"La Boheme" Garden Wagon

Inspired by Roald Dahl’s ornate gyspy caravan, La Boheme was created by Stephen & Krystyna Saunders with West Sussex-based Jasper & Co, as a retreat or garden office for the bottom of the garden: they are currently working on a design for one completely fitted out as a recording studio. "However, Roald Dahl’s original was very small inside," says Stephen, "and offered little in the way of amenities or comfort. We wanted to build something along similar lines but with twice the space, and some modern accoutrements, with a romantic and beautiful appearance which would look well in a lovely garden, getting away from the hard edges and plate glass of boxy garden rooms."

The result is the unique “La Boheme” Garden Wagon, with distinctive hand worked copper panels (by Steve Myburgh), embroidered silk upholstery, panelled oak interior and parquet floor. It offers 15.75 sq metres of space inside and the exterior woodwork, windows and doors are predominately sepele, a sustainable mahogany, while the interior and parquet floor are oak. The wagon is fully insulated and the copper panels have been given a special heat treatment to create the tortoiseshell effect and hand beaten.

Interior features include a concealed basin with instant hot water system and cold water supply, drinks refrigerator and icebox, state of the art audio-visual system with HD DVD and flat screen TV, desk, eating area, and a king sized bed in an opulent romantic climb-in bedroom. The stove featured sitting on the marble hearth is an antique from an original showman’s wagon. The whole wagon is equipped with 110/240 volt three pin sockets, lighting and there is a telephone/broadband connection.

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