Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little Redonda

Little Redonda is the lovely garden office belonging to Edinburgh-based Secret Gardens, a garden design and bespoke garden buildings business run by Carolyn Grohmann. Carolyn has an excellent page on the site detailing the project from first thoughts to final construction. Here's a snippet:
Our garden studio project started out as an effort to solve an increasingly common domestic problem: the explosive combination of two young children, a dog and a husband and wife who both work from home. Noise levels within our home are unlikely to drop in the next ten to fifteen years and 'moving into the garden shed', as my husband still puts it, began to look increasingly like the most appealing solution. However, the project slowly evolved into something much more interesting and inspiring than the simple upgrading of a shed.

It's certainly got good ecofriendly credentials. The timber is all FSC certified with larch cladding and oak decking, while the windows and doors were made locally. The floor is reclaimed from a Glasgow college. Insulation is sheep's wool and there is a green sedum roof (pictured above in full bloom).

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