Thursday, February 04, 2010

What happens to your garden office when you move house?

Many garden office suppliers emphasise that their models are fairly moveable and can actually be taken down and taken with you when you move house. The reality is that most people tend to leave their shed offices behind when they go, not least because that's often one of the selling points for prospective buyers. But saying goodbye to your shedworking atmosphere is often a hard thing to do. Shedworking has been following Paul Jackson (his garden office is pictured above) on twitter as he prepares to up sticks from his current home to sunny Cheshire. Here's what he said today:
Sorting out day today - need to start packing up my great shed office (*sigh*) for the move up to Cheshire (*smi
But as he pointed out last month:
Will seriously miss my shed office when we move. But the views over the Trent & Mersey canal & Cheshire fields will compensate ...for now.
We wish Paul a swift return to shedworking and will be bringing you details of a house for sale in York next week which comes with a garden office already up and running.
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1 comment:

  1. We completed on our sale in December. The garden office was a good selling point.

    I am currently renovating the new place and last Sunday I was on the roof of my new garden office ensuring it was waterproof when an impromptu snowstorm soaked the top of me. The bottom half of me was cold and wet from mopping up the frost on the roof with my trousers. That is not a building tip by the way, just a fact of life.

    However attached to ones GO I figure that the next one can be better.

    Mine is;-)