Sunday, February 21, 2010

Out of Office report: why shedworkers are loyal team members

Shedworkers and other 'agile' workers score higher than their peers in 'traditional' offices when it comes to feeling empowered and trusted to work efficiently, according to a new report. The Out of Office from Opportunity Now focuses on levels of trust in workplace relationships and in leaders to assess how this is affecting the performance of agile teams ('agile working' is working in any kind of flexible away including working from home, shedworking, mobile working, etc). Here's a snippet:
Team members, who work remotely, whether on an ad hoc or regular/permanent basis, are more positive about almost all aspects of trust, empowerment and agile working and in particular about their relationship with their manager and the rest of their team. They appear to experience a more empowered style of management, being significantly more likely than office-based colleagues to believe that:
* They are encouraged to develop networks outside of their team and organisation
* They have the freedom that they need to do the job
* They can influence decisions in the team
*Challenging team members will be seen as constructive
Where agile workers are the majority in a team, those with remote working patterns are more likely to be positive about trust and empowerment than those in teams where agile workers are in the minority.
The report is officially launched next month but you can read it and various summaries here.
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