Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fox's Country Sheds to be used in Haiti

Fox's Country Sheds have been asked to build a shed kit to be delivered to Haiti and are building it completely out of pressure treated lumber to withstand the elements. Once the "shed kit" container reaches Haiti, it will be constructed by volunteers. "We are proud to have been asked," they say, "and are excited that the organizers feel our construction will stand up the Haitian weather!"
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  1. Any idea how much they will be priced at?
    I see at the tiny house blog that Colorado Yurt Co. is sending tents down, but for like $400+/tent, which seems sort of high to me.
    Just curious if you know any other details.

  2. I'm afraid not, sorry.

  3. Hi, I wanted to jump in here-- i'm an employee of the colorado yurt company. $420 represents our real labor costs--we're not looking to make a profit on the tents and we already donated 5 ourselves-- it may seem a bit steep but these tents are made with care and of quality materials that will stand up to serious UV. They will last a long time. we're not looking for people to cover the entire cost of a tent-- any amount will be super helpful! find out how you can help at