Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shedworking up in the air

We've been talking about buying and selling properties with garden offices lately and while this is not technically a garden office, it is the kind of treehouse that many of us would love to work in. It's called Cherry Tree Dell at Common Gate Road, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire and is on the market for £650,000 with Savills.
Via The Independent
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  1. Certainly a cool place to be, Althought looks like a treehouse i would be more than happy to work from home in that every day. it is even a room with a view. We recently noticed a boom in Garden workshop sales

    thanks for an interesting read

  2. I built that! still live here,what you can't see is the rope bridge and the 40ft stainless escape slide down the garden on the other side .Shame you can't see the real workshop!

  3. Thorin, if you have more pix I'd love to put them up -