Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pubworking: the future for shedworking?

We've been talking about pubworking as a viable working option for the future on Shedworking since 2006 so we were pleased to see that 'futurologist' James Bellini made a similar point recently at the London Transport Museum and Orange debate on the impact of Connected Britain. The panel suggested that the days of the traditional office environment could be numbered and Bellini commented:
“Why not Wi-Fi enable the village hall or the local pub and provide places for people to hot-desk? Connectivity doesn’t mean the end of social interaction; it’s a way of enhancing it. By eliminating the dreaded commute – on which 4.6 million hours are spent daily – people could use the time for more productive purposes.”
Of course there can be problems involved but only yesterday some of us were discussing the idea of #pubworking on twitter and arguing that pubs should operate a special section for homeworking nomads. What are your thoughts?
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  1. I'm finding "the dreaded commute" is actually quite productive thanks to WiFi enabled Virgin Trains.

    I clear any questions that have come into our support desk overnight, then get to the office with my inbox sorted and ready for any meetings!

    Connectivity when you're out and about is definitely the way forward!


  2. of course you can always turn your home office into a Pub Shed and work from it...