Friday, February 26, 2010

Is Chris Anderson talking about shedworking?

In a cracking piece in Wired magazine, editor Chris 'Free/Long Tail' Anderson talks about a "garage renaissance" in which "cottage industries with global reach target niche markets of distributed demand" - a concept familiar to all shedworkers. It's well worth a read, as Enteprise Nation pointed out earlier this morning.
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  1. The article is a good read but I think it's stretch to associate with most shedworking activities. It's very much about production-type activities in the mode of what hi-tech used to call "final assembly and test."

    For example, here in the US I have a neighbor with a three car garage from which he runs a custom bicycle business, with all his components being sourced in Asia.

  2. I take your point Peter, although there are plenty of shedworkers who are involved in some sense in 'production' rather than in 'creative industries' in their garden offices - it's more the general thrust of his argument (cf The Long Tail) that small is not only good, but taking over and that's something that fits well with the shedworking ethic and should provide some moral support for shedworkers today.