Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Shedworker's Bookshelf - The Green Workplace

Well worth a look, whether you're a shedworker or not, is the new book The Green Workplace by Leigh Stringer who writes the excellent blog of the same name. It looks at case studies from lots of big companies such as Google and Adobe, takes a look at sustainable strategies and how new technology can be useful in going green in the workplace. As she says:
“'Green is Good’ may indeed be the business mantra of the 21st century, but it takes a commitment to proven best practices and creative approaches to ensure that ‘green’ means ‘profitable,’” Stringer said. “The Green Workplace draws on the experience of successful green companies to craft a practical resource for helping companies consider how specific actions – big and small – can improve the bottom line while enabling them to better serve their people, stakeholders, communities and natural environment.

You can download a free excerpt here.

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