Monday, August 31, 2009

The pocket office

An excellent article by Deborah Fulsang in the Globe and Mail looks at how to furnish your compact (garden) office surroundings or as she puts it "the growing number of home-based workspaces in microscopic settings". As she says:
"In the past, the suburban dad's den may have been the home-office ideal, but space is precious in many homes these days. As a result, both designers and retailers are responding in greater numbers to the need for smaller-scale, ultra-flexible office gear."
There's some thoughts from some designers (e.g. 'Go vertical') and some nice suggestions of possible furniture such as West Elm’s bookcase secretary above which they describe as a "complete instant office, designed to hide away when not in use. Flip down the front for a roomy work area and ample space for a laptop, plus shelves that keep essentials in easy reach.". Well worth a browse.

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