Monday, August 24, 2009

How to make a dirt cheap garden office

A nice piece in the Eastern Daily Press by Tara Graves features eco-shed of the year 2009 winner and joiner Michael Thompson at his shed in Potter Heigham which is built using rammed earth walls. As Tara says:
"Not only does the building look beautiful from the ground, the living roof of sedum, wildflowers and grasses also means it looks visually pleasing from higher up - a plus for neighbouring properties as well as Michael's own view."
Michael runs classes in building with rammed earth and you can see around the shed during the Green Buildings Open Days, which run 10-13 September as part of the nationwide Heritage Open Days scheme. For more details go to Michael's excellent site.

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  1. Excellent details on how to make a dirt cheap garden office. Very detailed and very great advices. Thank you