Saturday, August 29, 2009

Choosing a shed - Woodcraft Construction

More garden office companies should look into using video to advertise their wares. Woodcraft Construction do a nice job in the video above.


  1. I agree - this is a great medium. It gets across the personality and brand values of the business so effectively. Roomworks are currently at the storyboard
    stage for our new movie clip.
    Congratulations to Woodcraft Construction on theirs -
    a clear, well crafted communication.

  2. I agree too, but I would!
    I’m a wannabe shed worker and a professional cameraman/film maker. I’ve put together a web ‘video advert ‘package that is truly affordable in the current economic climate and ideal for garden office manufacturers.
    So if you want to add video to your website with the help of an aspiring shed worker have a look at:
    Matt Wild