Monday, August 31, 2009

Are storage units the new garden offices?

An interesting article by Xanthe Whittaker in the Daily Mail
looks at the growing trend of using selfstorage units not merely as a place in which to store your stuff but as more of a general living and indeed shedworking spot. Here's an excerpt:
Andrew Roberts is a musician based in South London. Three years ago, when he needed somewhere to keep his instruments, he found a retailer who was renting rooms as storage space behind Brixton High Street. His guitars and amplifiers were joined by Lambeth Council's parking ticket archive and the cleaning paraphernalia of a man running his company from the space.

'I found myself spending more and more time practising in there. It was easier than lugging guitars back and forth between storage and home,' he says. 'And because I have 24-hour access, I could practise late into the night without keeping the neighbours awake. Now there are a few other musicians coming in to use the space.'
There's also some details about garden offices.

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