Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GBC: shedworker case studies

GBC has a nice range of garden offices as well as a page of details about shedworking and three interesting case studies. Here's one of them, but do take a look at the others if you're thinking of becoming a shedworker:
Mrs Davis had been a self employed chiropodist for 2 years, using two rooms in her home - one as a waiting room and the other for carrying out her practice. She had reached the stage where this was becoming difficult and if she were to continue to grow her business, she would need to either move to a larger house or rent a commercial property. She wanted to continue working from home as she had 2 small children and it was convenient to arrange her appointments around her family commitments. She also felt the rent/rates on a commercial property were above her means.

The next thing she did was to look into the possibility of moving house. Her home was valued at £265,000 and the estate agents fees for selling it came to £3900. She estimated that she would need to increase her mortgage by £90,000 to get the larger house she needed. The other charges she identified were for a HIP when the house was put on the market, stamp duty on the new property (estimated to be £5300) as well as removal costs of £670 and solicitors fees of £900. All in all she figured out it would cost her in excess of £10,000 to move, plus the ongoing charges for increased mortgage.

By chance Mrs Davis visited her local garden centre one weekend and saw the GBC Group range of Garden Offices. She designed her own building with the help of the staff on site. It was to be partitioned into 2 sections to provide a waiting area and treatment room. The ability to place doors and windows where she chose allowed her to see the best views of her garden whilst keeping an eye on the house. Because the building is fully insulated and double glazed she was able to install her computer and business records therefore freeing up valuable space within her home.
Pictured above is the Hallow model from the Malvern Collection available at GBC outlets around the country.

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  1. Is there anything in the states like GBC? I found tuff shed but they don't deal in Maryland where I live.