Monday, August 03, 2009

Last shedworking stand at Edgbaston

BBC Five Live cricket reporter Pat Murphy talks about the end of a shedworking era at Edgbaston on the BBC site as the third Test draws to a close. As he says:
"High up in the gods, above the Victorian pavilion, this small, cosy little hiding place has been my home for England Tests since 1982. Now the relentless march towards modernisation means we have to move out and re-locate to the other end of the ground, as new media facilities will be in place for the next England Test match in a year's time. It'll be swanky but lacking in atmosphere. We'll probably be behind glass, unable to appreciate the special revivalist atmosphere of an Edgbaston Test, the most patriotic and raucous of international grounds in this country."
It's a lovely piece, looking back at famous shed-related stories and well worth a browse.

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