Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nearings yurt

Shedworking's literary editor Sarah Salway has been on the road again searching out shedlike atmospheres, this time in the USA. Here is her photo of the spectacular yurt at the Nearings smallholding in Maine. Here's what she says:
"The yurt was just beautiful. Scott Nearing built it - with help - in his nineties without using any electrical tools, etc, and it was used for meetings, classes and so on."
More details about the Nearings and The Good Life Center here and here's their mission statement:
The mission of The Good Life Center is to perpetuate the philosophies and lifeways promoted and exemplified by Helen and Scott Nearing, two of America’s most inspirational practitioners of simple, frugal and purposeful living. Building on the Nearing legacy, The Good Life Center encourages and supports individual and collective efforts to live sustainably into the future. Guided by the principles of kindness, respect and compassion in relationships with natural and human communities, The Good Life Center promotes active participation in the advancement of social justice, creative integration of the life of the mind, body and spirit, and deliberate choice in living responsibly and harmoniously in an increasingly complicated world.
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  1. I also saw this yurt on a tour of their Maine homestead several years ago. I remember the wonderful atmosphere and grounding energy of this little building. It was in amazing condition and made me want to just sit in meditation for a long time (I could not as we were being guided). The whole place was a testament to what the Nearings embodied. To see their home and the books still on the shelves, the kitchen, the gave new meaning to The Good Life, the book written by them. Thanks for posting this picture and inspiring this memory for me.