Thursday, April 02, 2009

Tiny House Village Network

The Tiny House Village Network is a:
* private online community of like-minded people
* think-tank for the small house movement
* networking tool for creating the village of your dreams

Just how tiny is tiny?
* 61 of our members live in 1000 square feet or less
* 30 of our members live in 500 square feet or less
* 17 of our members own a portable tiny home
* Many of our members are in the process of downsizing

What about land?
* 22 of our members currently own rural property
* 54 of our members would like to own land

Ultimately we want to build a network of real tiny house villages across the United States. You may join the private online community and help shape this village network.
Fascinating stuff. More at the Tiny House Village Network, the Tiny House Village blog and This Tiny House
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