Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Four ways to bring the garden into the office

One of the joys of shedworking is that you can decorate and design your home office in any way you like. But while nobody's stopping you painting your floor black and your walls deep purple, maybe a nature theme would last the fashion test of time a little more successfully.

There are of course a whole host of nature-inspired gadgets from bamboo keyboards to artificial glass chairs, but why not start small with the Charging Station, above, from Kikkerland which hides all the cords from your mobiles, cameras, mp3 players, etc, within a rather pleasing grassish design. Similarly - though with more of a Blue Peter cut out feel to it - there's the Tree of Charge (arf, arf) from Radius Design, below, made from aluminium which doubles as a key rack and magnetic board.For a quick and easy method of adding a little bit of the outside world to your inside office, consider using wall stickers. Supernice stocks the very popular blik range of 'surface graphics' which can help you improve the look of your walls in seconds without sploshing paint around. Particularly pleasant is their Bamboo package, below. Another possibility is Wall Glamour whose Summer Garden range also provides attractive wall art.

Finally, a suggest from Anne Robert's excellent My Urban Garden Deco Guide from Smith & Hawken, a vertical garden which you can install wherever you like in your garden office.
A version of this article first appeared on Enterprise Nation


  1. alicson katich4:58 AM

    I am totally agree with you that wall stickers really helps you to give a nature look to you office. Using wall stickers is an easy and safe way which also prevent paint sploshing.

  2. I love wall stickers, walls are too plain with out them!