Thursday, April 23, 2009

SketchUp: garden offices

SketchUp is a nifty little designing tool from Google which helps you to create, modify and share 3D models. Here's an example from Eddie Miller, a half glass 15 square metre garden office with full length glass sliding doors. If you've used SketchUp (or indeed anything similar) please do get in touch.
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  1. Hi Alex,
    I use sketchup a lot for Secrets of Shed Building. If I havent got a picture or a reader hasn't sent one in I will just draw up the shed style that I need to illustrate a point that I am talking about. An example of this is here on this page about potting shed designs -

    If you need any Sketchupping done drop me a line.



  2. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Yeah I'm using SketchUp to design my shed/office/lair. See the first draft here: