Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shedworking on the radio/podcast

The radio/podcast that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is now up and running on BlogTalkRadio and dsmBuzz. If you want to hear a whole half hour of me talking about shedworking, then this is your chance. Just click the links and it should start buffering you up straightaway. Here's how the host Sherry Borzo introduces it:
When our two children were young and space was limited, I worked out of a home office for a company as a salesperson. Even with a 3-bedroom house that had two solariums, along with the standard rooms, we could not accommodate a separate space for me. Ultimately, for 6 years, (6 LONG years) I took over the living room during the work week. After a tirade or two from interruptions and my own sloppy filing habits that made for a constant mess, I became so desperate for a separation of "work and life" that I placed duct tape around my desk to create "office boundaries."

Faced with work-space limitations Alex Johnson, journalist and owner of of Shedworking came up with a far superior solution to his need for work-away-from-home environs. In this interview, find out how Alex has turned his own great idea into creating a resource for others who have either made the garden office leap or desire to do so.
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  1. Content 10/10, technical quality 2/10. Soooooo bloody quiet until you come in with your booming stentorian tones. She really needs to address that issue and she needs to shut up a bit!

    Andy Bantock

  2. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Tip top interviewee and a jolly interviewer who sounded genuinely interested