Friday, April 17, 2009

Garden office insulation: your thoughts please

We began our series of pieces looking at the building of Alan Bucknam's Ingalls Street Studio last month and now Alan's thoughts are turning towards insulation. "I want to go green without breaking the bank," he says, "and looked at several options including foam-based solutions, but I would love some real-world feedback." What are your thoughts and experiences?


  1. I'm going to be picking up some wool insulation from Sugar Loaf Mill just outside of Hall, MT (close to Missoula and Helena) for my shed/workshop restoration project. I'm going to be converting it into a bookbinding studio space, and from what I understand, wool insulation is both historically accurate for our area and biodegradable, not to mention fire-retarding, sustainable and local!

  2. Nothing can really beat Kingspan type stuff for ease, if you can get your hands on seconds pieces it is much cheaper. Check out secondsandco on ebay, who sell pallets of it.