Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New pine discovery set to revolutionise shedworking

A new species of pine tree found to be growing near the Arctic Circle, similar to other types of Northern Scandinavian pine with very tight grain and high density, has found to be particularly suitable to garden office construction for one key reason: the trees grow horizontally.

Moreover, the boggy terrain in which they grow is a form of natural preservative. This means logs can be grown in an eco-friendly way to exactly the thickness required for specific builds. And by simply adding a dye to the soil, the timber comes ready stained.

Thanks to Keops Interlock Log Cabins for the alert: you can see more details at their site. The company also has a limited supply of seeds of the new pine. Please contact them directly to ask for a packet (only while stocks last - they anticipate running out today).
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