Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chris Lindley: nearly a shedworker

There are all sorts of ways of following a garden office build and one of the newer ones is to do it on twitter. Shedworking has been keenly watching Chris Lindley (@fergycool on twitter as he refurbishes an old building in the back garden of his new home, turning it into a garden office, pictured above pre-refurbishment). Here is a glimpse into the story over the last week with more pictures to come soon:
@shedworking re Insulation - I ordered Kingspan TR31 boards for a warm flat roof. Gonna go with some normal Kingspan for the walls too.

so joists, fascia boards, long, long screws and insulation boards all in the garden. The weekend plan for the shed roof cannot fail!

Noooo! I arranged for a very early morning timber delivery, the day after a whisky tasting evening. How daft am I?

@shedworking Still using 'garden office', 'shed' and 'home office' interchangeably. Mind, all are better than I work in a 'coal shed'!

@shedworking I've been too bad at procrastination over what insulation to use! All I've done to now is remove the coal that was in there :-)

Finally ordered the roof boards for my home ofice renovation! About time too! How lazy am I?

Yah. For the first time sat in my garden office with desk and laptop. OK, roof to replace, insulation to add, leccy to wire. but still cool

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