Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Justin Knopp/Typoretum: shedworker

Here's a garden office setup which I know will get many of you drooling: Typoretum (a lovely web site) is an artisan printed letterpress greeting cards and social stationery business run by Justin Knopp in Coggeshall, Colchester. Inside his shed, he hand prints, in limited quantities, from antique wooden and metal letterpress type, decorative borders and printers’ fleurons using vegetable-based inks and on paper made from 100% cotton fibre (linter). Here's how he describes the garden office:
"It's only about a quarter of the size I need but it's as big as the Council would allow us to build at the end of our garden! I really need a barn. The remainder of my collection is elsewhere, including my 1888 Wharfedale press that weighs 4-ton on its own.I designed my shed myself and, since we are in a Conservation Area, I made it look like a small barn with a hipped roof. We dug deep and specified reclaimed slates rather than the bland composite type or bizarrely coloured Chinese slates at tuppence a throw. The structure is studwork with 75mm foam insulation, concrete base and reclaimed floorboards that I bought on eBay.
There is also a Typoretum blog . I can't recommend the site too highly. Please do nip along and explore it (and buy something).

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  1. Anonymous1:58 AM

    I think it's lovely..I will forward it to all my friends..

    Go Typoretum..GO!!!
    we love ya,

    betty & buddy