Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Working from home good mental health, suggests new study

A study by recruitment specialists Randstad indicates that nearly a third of 600 workers polled say that their mental wellbeing is better working from home. A study earlier in the year by Randstad showed that two of the key beneifts employees looked for most in additional to a good salary were flexible working hours and being able to work from home.

"Although our recent findings suggest that mental wellbeing when linked to physical working location is unaffected for the majority," said Graham Trevor, Randstad UK HR Director, "it’s important for employers to be agile and ensure both sets of employees are equally supported. There are workers who require support with their mental wellbeing from home, and those who are subject to a new working environment which they are still adapting to.

While office safety is front of mind for many employers to ensure compliance of new government guidelines, the remote workforce must not be overlooked. Now would be a good time to work with home workers to tailor a self-assessment to reflect the specific needs and hazards of their work - an unsuitable home working environment or uncomfortable setup might be contributing to poor mental health."


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