Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The garden office as 'sanity shed'

More evidence of increased takeup of shedworking in the US where, according to the Wall Street Journal (in typical strange upper case), 'The Garden Is the New Home Office, Thanks to the Sanity Shed'. It talks to various new garden office converts, mentions the huge uptick in searches online for some form of garden studio workspace, and indicates that orders for garden offfices are going through the roof. Here's a snippet:

Transitioning to WFH has been harsh for many, but humans have toiled at home for centuries. “For a long time, we worked where we lived. I’m talking about agrarian [ways] and people who lived above the shop,” said Daniel H. Pink, who studies human behavior in business and wrote “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” (Riverhead Books). In the U.S. after WWII, he said, work and family became distinctly different domains. Now tech and, in part, Covid are remerging those worlds. “But I think people don’t want them together 24 hours a day,” Mr. Pink added. “So they’re looking for a soft separation between their work life and family life.” An unconnected space helps ensure quiet and tucks away the nagging ephemera of office life—to-do lists, computers, cords—when you’re off the clock.

Image courtesy Studio Shed


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