Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Chop

Here's an interesting television series of interest to shedworkers starting next Thursday (October 15) on Sky. The Chop is hosted by shed aficianado William Hardie and comedian Lee Mack and pits some of the country's finest woodworkers against each other in a competition in Epping Forest to fit out a variety of shedlike atmospheres. In each episode there is a cabin from an historical period for which the contestants must build appropriate furniture or fittings - among the rooms which they furnish are Nelson’s cabin on HMS Victory, a Victorian pub, a Gothic bedroom, a Georgian hunting lodge. Here for example is how they describe episode six, transmitted on November 19:

This week’s historical era takes us back to Georgian times – and a study in the woods. The first thing a study is going to need is a writing desk and for the group task our remaining woodworkers split into two teams to make the perfect Georgian desk. The skills challenge is to make a book stand in two hours and for their creative task the woodworkers really get into the Georgian mindset with gun racks and trophy wall-hangings.

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