Thursday, October 22, 2020

More than half of employees are happy to work at home for the foreseeable future

A new study by business support specialists Moneypenny suggests that 54% of UK employees would be happy to work from home for as long as required. Another 30% said that while they are happy to work from home, they miss working from an office (and 15% said that they dislike working from home and that they find doing so difficult).

Asked what was best about working from home, the lack of commuting time and expense came top, followed by being able to dress in casual clothes. Taking charge of break times was third.

A fifth did not miss anything from their office at all and a similar figure said that they would miss their garden when back in the office - just over 10% added that they would miss their view. 

Interestingly, the survey questioned those who had returned to work from home during the current increase in lockdown restrictions after going back into the office. On returning to work from home, more than a third were given no new equipment to help them with their work, although more than a quarter did receive new equipment or additional tools/software.

Three quarters said that overall they had everything they needed to continue working from home, although 14% replied that they were still using their own personal equipment.

Image courtesy Arctic Cabins 


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