Friday, October 16, 2020

Making the change from traditional office to garden office

You can't have missed the national media suddenly latching onto the idea of shedworking over the last few months. But how does the change from a traditional office to a garden office work on a day to day basis? In an excellent piece for Estates Gazette, leading design consultant and recent president of the Royal Institute of British Architects Ben Derbyshire talks about his new typical day since the advent of coronavirus.

He explains how his commute now takes him down to the end of his garden to his self-contained garden office. Here's a snippet:

Although our studios at HTA Design have been reopened since August, most of us are finding that a new blend of home and office working is slowly emerging as the pandemic runs its course. For me, in my late sixties, and with asthma, setting up a garden studio long before Covid-19 (now crammed with my books, CDs and pictures), was a godsend in lockdown. Just at the moment, with cases on the rise, there are more days spent in the garden.

He then goes on to outline a day of online meetings, ending with his ongoing work on writing a book. It's a short piece and well worth reading, underlining that you can work extremely productively from a garden office at the highest level.

Image courtesy OECO Garden Rooms 


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