Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Win a tiny house garden office

The Bristol Post reports on an intriguing idea from Bristol builder George Rose who is raffling off a tiny house he built during the first lockdown this year. He estimates the value of the house at £20,000 and each raffle ticket costs £3, with at least 7.5% of profits going to homeless charity Centrepoint.

"This started as a project to hone my skills and build a home," he says. "I didn’t plan to raffle this off, but this years unprecedented events called for a different approach. Rather than watch my project sit alone and unloved, I decided to raffle the house and donate part of the proceeds to charity. This is the chance for a brand new chapter - could it be yours?

The 6.6m x 2.55m house has two rooms, double French windows, solar inverter, composting toilet, and gas boiler. Though built as a house, it could work equally well as a garden office.

More details at Tiny Raffle. Raffle closes on November 30.


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