Sunday, November 15, 2020

Beach Hut of the Year award announced

There have been various Beach Hut of the Year competitions over the last few years (maybe we need some kind of merging to avoid a boxing-style situation). The latest is the inaugural one organised by Ipswich-based insurance brokers Ryans in collaboration with Millie's Beach Huts.

The competition places more emphasis on how beach huts are used rather than their decoration. And it's a very worthy winner, The Mary Anning Beach Hut in Lyme Regis which is only available to those affected by cancer (named for the 18th century palaeontologist who died of breast cancer in 1847), nominated by Nigel and Karen Ball from Lyme Regis.

Pictured above is Mary Kahn of the Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support Group at the hut on Marine Parade. Here's what she says about it: 

"Our beach hut is more than a wooden shed by the sea. It is a refuge for the anxious, the sick, the bereaved and those who want to spend valuable time with family before the opportunity is gone. It is a place for contemplation with your feet up in a comfortable recliner, somewhere to breathe in the sea air and shelter from the wind, to relax and forget your troubles for a while as you watch the sun sparkling across Lyme Bay and the Jurassic Coast. 

"A space to read, to paint, to doze. Our beach hut is for more than one person, one family. Ours is open to our special community of cancer patients and their loved ones, providing a sanctuary from which to watch the seaside activity when being part of it seems too challenging, a spot to watch the passers-by. It offers a chance of solace and relief, time to say what needs to be said or not say anything at all but listen as the waves gently sigh across the shingle. Our beach hut is a haven, bringing joy to hundreds throughout the year. Our beach hut is more than a wooden shed by the sea."


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