Monday, November 16, 2020

More than 90% of UK employees want to stay working at home

After extolling the delights of working from home for months, the inevitable media u-turn is now fully underway - over the last week among the headlines I've seen are 'Working from home could lead to more prejudice', 'Staff who work from home after pandemic should pay more tax', 'Working from home may put women at a disadvantage', and 'Young people dissatisfied with working from home'.

It's up for debate how true any of the above may be, but here's another angle - only 7% of people want to go back to their offices fulltime once lockdown restrictions are lifted, according to a survey by Trends Research. Half of those questioned said that they would choose to work from home either every day or most days, the rest to work from home some of the time. 

Men are slightly more keen than women to go back to their traditional office, and those with more children are also more likely to want to return to old ways.

Asked why they wanted to work from home, nearly three quarters said “comfort” and half that they felt more productive. Fear of contracting coronavirus in the office remains a concern, mentioned by a third.  Also, half said that they spent too much time commuting. A quarter said that no incentive could persuade them to work more frequently from the office. 

The survey also includes Shedworking's favourite stat of the year  - around 25% said that they preferred working from home as they enjoyed time away from colleagues.

Photo courtesy Norwegian Log


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